Sarah got a job!

Come celebrate with her

What: A party to celebrate Sarah's new job.
When: 5:30PM April 29, 2023
Where: 210 Eckford St, 3L Brooklyn NY (my new apartment!!).



  • Who is Sarah?

    If you're reading this, most likely she is your friend, previous (or future!) co-worker, family member, or yoga teacher she is trying to be friends with. If not, wow tell me how you got here!

  • What is a job?

    Such a good question. A job is a thing we are required to do for money. Some things that do not include jobs are making art full-time (for moi, right now), being gorgeous (unless you are a model), or very funny (unless you are a comedian). For the rest of us, we must have marketable skills for which someone pays us.

  • What is her new job?

    She is a Senior Software Engineer at Rewiring America!

  • How many rejections did she get before she got an offer?

    See some stats in the data section.

  • How did she keep going, despite it all?

    Perseverance, a seven-day silent meditation retreat, free rent with Kate and Kiron, eating scones with friends, and knowing that she would eventually get to celebrate with people like you.


Interviews and rejections

Places lived since Jan 2022

People she cried to the most since starting job search

Thank you, Kiron!

In sum...

LEVITT: Okay What should people do with money?
GILBERT: ... in a word, I’d say social relationships. We are the single most social species on this planet. And it is no wonder that the source of most of our happiness is our relationships with other people. But how many people do you know who when they get a big salary boost say, “I’m going to use this to buy myself more time with my wife.” “I’m going to use this money to have a weekly party for my friends.” No. They use that money to put themselves in a position to earn even more of it. They buy material goods. Which tend to stop bringing you happiness fairly quickly after you buy them, which is why you have to keep upgrading them. If somebody said, “Give me your advice,” I’d say, “Look, invest in your social relationships. They’re a better predictor of your happiness than your wealth, than your health, than your age, than your gender, than almost anything else.”

People I Mostly Admire

Friends are the best 🤗


If you're looking for a job, here are some resources I found helpful along the way.